Raccoons are the number one nuisance animal problem. They can enter into your attic in lots of ways. Soffits, attic vents and weak areas in your roof are potential entry points. Noises in your attic at night time are usually raccoons but noises during the day are generally squirrels. They will climb downspouts, brick and trees that are close to the roof. Old TV towers are like a ladder for them. Chimneys are a favorite spot for them to den as well, but a good chimney cap will stop that from happening.  Spring time is when the biggest invasion of raccoons gain entrance to attics looking for a place to have their babies. Most litters average 3 to 5. A mother raccoon is nothing to mess with as she will do what ever it takes to protect her babies. Most of the time we trap them at the entry point. All raccoons are removed before sealing the entry hole. Feeding animals outside your home is a bad idea. Leftover food will be found and they will come back every day to look for more food, which can lead to them creating a convenient home in your attic or under your deck. 

Damage caused by raccoons.

Access points into attics