In 1990  Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) started a licensing program for trappers to trap nuisance wildlife year round.  I obtained my license through the IDNR in 1992 and have also been a trapping hobbyist for over 40 years. Most people have no clue how to legally, safely and effectively handle nuisance wildlife and should contact a professional.  Wildlife is a beautiful thing, but not when it takes refuge inside your home.  
        Bates Wildlife Control  will respond to your wildlife problem in a timely manner and identify the problem area .  We will then take steps to remove the nuisance animal and  seal the entry point to keep others from gaining entry.
        After your unwelcomed guests destroy the exterior of your home to gain entry, they then make themselves comfortable shredding insulation, chewing on wires and saturating the area with feces and urine. Not only does their defication provide a foul odor, but it is also a source of major health hazards to humans.  These animals are common hosts for a number of diseases and parasites, such as histoplasmosis and roundworms.  We can solve your nuisance wildlife problems and keep them from coming back.
        We specialize in mole trapping.  Ours traps grab the mole below the surface and no poison of any kind is ever used.  Click on the mole page for more info on mole trapping.
*  Raccoon Removal
*  Mole Trapping
*  Opossum Removal
*  Skunk Removal
*  Ground Squirrels
*  Ground Hog Removal
*   Muskrat  Removal
*  Beaver Removal
*   Squirrel Removal
*  Dead Animal Removal

Raccoons, bats, birds and squirrels can gain entry through these kinds of vents. 

Raccoon tore right through the shingles to get access into attic to have her babies.

Raccoon toilet area in an attic.